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Man Utd hero Paul Scholes takes Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool dig in Man City comparison | Football | Sport


Guardiola, meanwhile, insisted recently that the Premier League should be “concerned” by the Merseyside outfit’s dominance having taken 73 of an available 75 points this season.

He said: ”The last two seasons, an owner from the Premier League said: ‘That cannot happen again, it’s not good for the Premier League that City win the title in that way’ [by so many points].

“So now, with Liverpool, you have to be concerned for the Premier League!

“Yes [the title race is over]. They are far away, they are unstoppable, a lot of points. Of course, now the target is for the competitions and to qualify for the Champions League next season.

“Two seasons ago when we had 100 points, around 19 ahead of (Jose) Mourinho, and 20 or so from Liverpool.

“In that period Liverpool were strong, they are stronger right now, but they were strong, but today is not the day to talk about a rebuild.

“I think the team is good. I like the way my team play, but it is not enough. We are far away and the distance is so big. Next season we have to do better.”

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