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Euro-2020: 28 million requests for tickets


The 2020 Euro Cup, which will be held next summer in twelve different cities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its creation, has received a record number request tickets with more than 28 million requests, double those registered for the previous competition in France 2016.

According to data provided by UEFA on Friday, the last phase of sale Last December for the followers of the classified teams it was another record mark of 8,977,427, more than triple the requests made in the same phase four years ago.

UEFA recalled that the last summer, marketing for the general public, was also a big success, with a total of 19.3 million applications, and that the next acquisition period will be in April for the fans of the teams that qualify through the qualifiers that will be played in March.

The high demand of tickets included that for the final of the competition, which will be played at Wembley Stadium in London on July 12, have been taken 714,000 applications, almost eight times the capacity of the venue, and that for the meeting that will face France and Germany, on June 16 in Munich on June 16, 710,000 will be requested.

The Wembley final has already received 714,000 ticket requests

UEFA referred to the prices
affordable for more than half of the put on sale: € 30 for the group stage in Baku, Bucharest and Budapest; € 50 for the rest and € 100 for the semifinals and the final for fans “Fan First”.

Wembley will host the final of Euro 2020

“These impressive figures show that fans are responding with enthusiasm to the first European tournament, which will cover 12 different host countries and give eight cities their first experience in one EURO. It is significant that 64% of the requests came from fans of the host countries, which highlights that the EURO 2020 will bring football closer to more local fans than ever, “UEFA said.

The Spanish selection will play the tournament framed in the Group E, with Poland Y Sweden as rivals already confirmed. The last team that will complete the group’s four places will leave the playoff that will be played by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Slovakia and the Republic of Ireland on March 26 and 31.

In the semifinals of said play off, March 26 will be measured Bosnia-Herzegovia with Northern Ireland and Slovakia against the Republic from Ireland.

Bilbao It will be the spanish headquarters of the tournament, next to Munich, Baku, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Budapest, Glasgow, Dublin, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and Bucharest. The 2020 Eurocup will start on June 12 and the final is scheduled for July 12 in the impressive Wembley framework.

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